It rained  last night, a cold driving rain. Route 94 still glistens with the telltale signs of a spring storm. The air is crisp as a mist hanging high in the air rolls in from the woods and dances across the road. Somewhere off in the distance, perhaps along the lilting stream that gently meanders through the property, a woodthrush sings his greeting to the morning sun. Standing on Tai Chi Lane, just outside the Zhang Building, you observe the morning rays of the sun cutting through the steam of your own breath. You rub your hands together to get warm while watching the peacocks and geese peck their breakfast off the ground outside the office. You hear someone ask Master Jou " about some warm up the body exercises?” Class is about to start and it is a good day for taiji.


Throughout his forty years of study and practice in the art of taijiquan, Grandmaster Jou Tsung Hwa brought to this world a new perspective whose roots, in reality, came from the oldest perspective. His teachings were unique and, in our admittedly biased opinion, the most accurate reflection of the true essence of taijiquan taught anywhere in the world today. Though both he and the Farm are gone now, his memory lives on.

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